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Nap Time!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Oh, wait

The video is available. (Update: You can find it on the city website here)

Gordon Wozniak: "Lauren Car Shack..."

Wozniak thought (or at least said) that they were disqualified because of further details about the chalking, rather than because of Suken Vakil's comments.

Kriss Worthington gave a good speech. He explained that the City Council had no clue what they were talking about.

Laurie Capitelli had his commentary about kings and pawns, but I wasn't quite clear who it was directed at, or what his point was. Pawns should know how the king manipulating them is. Is this a shot at the students? At Wozzy?

Wozzy thought it was unfair to go through the process. He also accused the Judicial Council of saying "gee, it's okay to steal an election as long as you're friends of mine," which seems like a pretty irresponsible accusation.

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link us to the video!
Was the pawn thing an attack on overman? My first inclination was that he was accusing Overman of rounding up students to attack Wozniak to help his campaign and that students were being used as pawns by Overman. I guess to answer the question someone could just find out whether Capitelli is aligned with Wozniak or not and that should shed some light on this.
Andy, your speculation might be right. I think Laurie Capitelli is part of the "moderate" bloc on the Council along with Wozniak and Betty Olds.
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