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Nap Time!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006
Letter Sprint!

It's been a while. Here we go!

Mickey Klein says some false stuff, some of which is inexcusable, since I know he knows how we feel.
Student Action is vigorously pursuing the rightful power given to them by the voters. Through all the semantic blustering, their opponents have one and only one goal: to overturn the clear will of the electorate.
Is it a rightful power to trample every aspect of the law in order to get into office? Does the power given to the law itself by the voters not matter? Our goal has been to see to it that the bylaws and constitution are followed. The "clear will of the electorate" is not considered meaningful in any of the ASUC's rules, and asserting its presence is nonsense in a representative body such as the ASUC. We do not work under the old "everyone in a building shout, and whoever shouts loudest wins" democratic system. We have one run by rules.

Carol Denney (ugh) bitches about how the group controlling People's Park is not democratic or representative. This makes perfect sense, though, since the university owns the fucking park. Would it be acceptable for a democratic, representative group to dictate Denney's life, or are we stuck with the undemocratic, unrepresentative concept of freedom?

Mike Kirchubel stumps for Prop 89, the "all the important people disagree with me, so let's get the government to fund my opinion" proposition.
Special interests, lobbyists, pay to play ... 64 percent of California's voters say that campaign contributions have had a negative effect on public policy decisions and 78 percent believe that the state government benefits special interests more than our citizens. Apparently, the other 22 percent have never read a newspaper.
Some of that 22 percent might stop to consider that special interests are made up of citizens, and talking about supporting one over the other is nonsense.

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