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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I decided to half-listen to the public comment period at the Berkeley City Council today. Christian Pecaut is a dick. He's the carpetbagger running for mayor, and tried to do some campaigning, but looked like an idiot.

David Wasserman and Van Nguyen said essentially what was said in the letter in yesterday's Daily Cal. Nguyen also said that the parties themselves had taken a stand, which is news to me. Chris Cantor made an analogy to Mexico, and George Bush's recognition of the conservative dude. I dunno. I think he was just trying to bootstrap Bush hatred. Taylor Allbright sounded like a wide-eyed freshman, and complained about the city of Berkeley interfering with her business. Lauren Karasek said some stuff which sounded reasonable. Wozniak tried to say that she did in fact come in second, receiving the response "since the results aren't official, no one has come in second." Igor Tregub went over the errors. Jason Overman spoke, too, repeating the "leave it to us" point, though I think he possibly did say that the 2000 Florida election was a "private" election. He didn't name it, so maybe he was talking about something else.

Speaking in favor of Wozniak's resolution was... uh... um...

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You're unbelievable.
I come home ready to post Overman calling the 2000 election a "private" election and you already have it up on the blog!?

I'd disagree about Allbright. I think the style was kind of her point. Maybe I'm wrong, but the thank you seemed sarcastic.

I only have one shot to out do you. I'll have personally drawn character sketches up on my blog within the hour as well as quotes from some people who have nothing to do with the ASUC election, but who were pretty funny.
Do you mean David Wasserman? I know he was planning on being there... and I don't know anyone named Andrew Wasserman.
No, his evil twin brother (uh... yeah)
Will Christian Pecaut now utilize the new Chalk method? Heha
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