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Monday, July 24, 2006
Gored on

I dunno. A letter signed by incoming senators from CalSERVE, BCR, and SQUELCH! on Gordon Wozniak's acting as a dupe for Student Action says
With the wave of a pen, one Berkeley politician has potentially wiped out 40 years of the students' struggle for the protection of our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and press, while he is attacking the most autonomous student government in the United States.
Whatever the motives of this single city council member may be to involve himself in student elections, the larger impact of this resolution is that the future of the ASUC is up for grabs. This resolution might dictate whether students get the last word to decide what is best for us, or if that decision is left up to the administration or city.
Somehow, I feel that the power of the City Council is being vastly overestimated.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 7/24/2006 12:28:00 AM #
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wow, great way to show how stupid and ridiculous CalSERVE, BCR and ESPECIALLY SQUELCH! are!
the hyperbole in the letter is simply ridiculous. yea its bad for the ASUC, but what's even worse is Senators even ACKNOWLEDGING that the city council resolution would AFFECT THEM! That in itself is more harmful than the toothless resolution, which in actuality is just ceremonial. If you really believe in ASUC autonomy, then this shouldn't be a big deal.

anyone else agree?
Anonymous, somehow I get the impression that you're one of those SA goons who thinks this is an anti-SA or partisan website, and the idea that I would make SA's opposition parties look ridiculous would somehow trouble me.

My thing has been pointing out stupid things said by folks for more than four years now, and it's never been limited to one party.
or maybe he's just a confused drunk
seriously, my goal in [microcosmic political] life is not to say anything so stupid that it warrants space on Beetle's blog...its a surprisingly good principle by which to guide oneself.
My strategy is just to pretend the daily cal misquotes me so Beetle can't heap scorn on me.
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