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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thanks to Google Alert via Lauren, here's coverage in the Contra Costa Times of the amusingfullness in the ASUC. As you'd expect, the writer doesn't really know what he's talking about.
Four winning members of the powerful Student Action party, including the victorious presidential candidate, were disqualified in June after a student council ruled the party's president had lied about violating a ban on chalk signs within 100 feet of polling places.
Nobody has won yet. Also, the party's chair is not the party's 'president.'
The candidates were later reinstated by the outgoing president -- himself a Student Action member -- before he partially retracted the order to allow an appeal process.
He partially retracted the order because he was about to get smacked down hard by the Judicial Council, not to allow the appeal process. The new order got partially nullified by the Judicial Council, too.
"Everyone has these enormous fights over these things that are for really small stakes," said 21-year-old undergraduate Ben Narodick, who lost one of the disputed seats by about 600 votes.
Is this another one of those quasi-quotes?
Some UC Berkeley students have faulted the system rather than the candidates for the latest controversy, although second-year undergraduate Allie Taylor noted that aspiring office-seekers often rub out other candidates' chalk signs.

"People do things that are technically against the rules all the time," Taylor said. "If they're going to make people use chalk in the first place, maybe they shouldn't set up all these strict rules."
Uh... what? First of all, nobody is "making people use chalk." Most people would be very happy if everyone stopped. Second of all: "We shouldn't have rules, because people break them"?
"On the face of it, it just seems like a gross violation of justice," Wozniak said. "Why would you participate in an election if your vote doesn't matter?"
It's a good thing Gordon Wozniak is only looking at the face of it, because his own face would be redder than a beet if he realized what was behind the face of it. Why would you participate in a student government when it doesn't mind when government officials lie their ass off in front of the bodies tasked with determining if the rules are being followed?

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My goodness, you're full of such insightful comments. Talk about inane criticism. Why don't you save snarky comments for a story that actually got things wrong?
Because I'm not a fucking newspaper editor.
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