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Monday, July 10, 2006

Aww, come on, Alice. Coverage of Ben's suit from Friday.

This is the first year the elections ballot included an abstention option alongside the usual "yes" and "no" options.

Leslieann Cachola (or "Leslie Ann Cachola," according to the Daily Cal), the consultant the ASUC Senate had to hire because it fucked up as usual, presented an old (paper) ballot from back when she was Elections Assistant Chair where an abstention option was included, I think.

Amazingly, Attorney General Nathan Royer doesn't get any of his awesome, profound, and simple commentary published, despite the fact that doing so could easily have explained the entire issue of "letter" vs. "spirit" of the law.

What I'll add to the story is a description of how Judicial Council hearings should work. Lauren and I were there to watch, Ben was the plaintiff, Lesliann spoke for the defense, and Nathan was a witness for no particular side. Ben, Lesliann, and Nathan all tried to give the Judicial Council as much information as they could. Afterwards, the five of us went to the Bear's Lair together.

Contrast this with Jay Stagi's "You aren't enough of a whore" commentary, or Student Action's "LALALA if we ignore the Judicial Council or threaten it with lawsuits, it will go away" approach. Treating each other with respect? Being friendly to each other? Working together? Yeah, too much to ask, I guess.

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The Daily Cal's coverage of events this summer has been really boring and lazy.

Come on guys, I've met several of you and you don't seem this boring in person.
Any decision on this yet?
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