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Nap Time!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Another blog

Calaholic has a blog, titled: "Yeah, I dunno know. Screw it. Let's go drink..." Despite the title, it is not Lauren Karasek's blog. I don't actually know who it is, though there are only so many people it could be.

Anyway, it has some interesting coverage of the hearing last Sunday. Or Saturday. Or both. I can confirm the commando sperm and necrophilia discussions did take place. The back of my chair never hit the ground, so I contend that I never actually fell over, but was merely taunting gravity with an "almost... maybe next time."

Sonya never made the announcement to take the drinking outside, but instead discretely suggested it to Lauren via proxy. Lauren was the one who made the announcement.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 7/19/2006 03:03:00 PM #
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anyone says anything about leaving any where to go get a drink and suddenly people think its me...yeah, i guess that's kinda fair.

and i wouldn't say i "announced" so much as uttered "blah blah blah decorum"
why the hell isn't decorum in my vocabulary?
Because you didn't memorize the JRP's.

Speaking of decorum, it's only required at hearings. I went into one deliberations drunk, and most of The Davis Report was written at the Bear's Lair after the first pitcher. Hemingway was onto something.
bullshit, decorum isn't in the JRPs
the specific word anyway -- i realize it appears in meaning
Shit, I actually thought it was Lauren too. Does anyone know who it is? They link to me though, which is flattering.
well there was one person at the hearing with a laptop who nobody knew. Maybe this is him?
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