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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Well, there's my answer

I picked up the Daily Cal. They didn't go ballsy or lame, they went just plain false.

The headline is "Executive Order Reinstates Candidates." Now, if you mean "reinstates them as not-disqualified candidates," this would be quasi-accurate, but the first paragraph is:

With election results in limbo, ASUC politics took a dramatic turn this week when outgoing President Manny Buenrostro issued an executive order Tuesday reinstating four disqualified Student Action executive candidates into office.

They were "reinstated into office," apparently. They never were in office in the first place, but they were reinstated there.

Blah blah some stuff about Ben's suits...

Narodick, Buenrostro and Gabriel have 48 hours to file briefs stating the grounds for their arguments.

Well, they had 48 hours Tuesday night. Right now, they have 15.

But Buenrostro said the senate is not in session over the summer and executive action is necessary to ensure the council abides by the constitution.

Uh... I'm pretty sure ensuring constitution compliance is a judicial role.

Ben Narodick is quoted as saying "The stakes are so great because the stakes are so small." I'm pretty sure that's a rewording of a Henry Kissinger saying.

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lol to buenrostro's quote
Yeah, they misquoted me. I said "The fights are so great because the stakes are so small." and I cited Kissinger. They then proceeded to fuck my quote up to make me look like a really dumb version of Matlock (re: combined with the unreferenced "hornets' nest" quote).
I went to their office and complained a little, not because the article passively took Student Action's side, but because it took a really interesting event, the sort of rare event that might make random readers actually interested in ASUC politics, and turned it into an absolute bore.

They completely ignored all of the conflict and acted like this was business as usual.
It has the potential to be the biggest story of the year for them. I think the Daily Cal is lazy, or just not willing to put itself in a major role in this.
can we start a petition that recognizes Manuel Buenrostro as the God Almighty?

he seriously seems to think he is a higher being -- knowing exactly what is right and wrong, just and fair, and Constitutional despite not having any authority to make such claims -- all while advocating the neutral best interest of the ASUC!
Simon--did you complain about them completely ignoring your EO as well? 'Cause I think that was a gross oversight on their part.
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