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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Other notables

Oren Gabriel, the disqualified Student Action presidential candidate that Student Action outgoing president Manuel Buenrostro has tried to declare victor by Executive Order, has issued two executive orders, appointing an Attorney General (Alan Lightfeld) and Finance Officer (Chai Desai) until the Senate reconvenes in the fall.

Ben Narodick has filed suits against these executive orders on the grounds that Oren isn't president yet, and against Manny's EO declaring election results, seeking summary judgments and/or preliminary injunctions, with formal hearings if necessary.

Of note, though, is in Alan Lightfield's appointment, the first "Whereas" is:

The Attorney General of the ASUC is responsible for ensuring that all rules, regulations, and procedures passed by the Senate and/or stated in this Constitution are implemented and followed;

Well, you know... except the ones about the Judicial Council certifying election results, or executive offices being subject to vote, or Judicial Council holding judicial authority, or...

Even better, though, would've been if he had said "The blatant violation of the Constitution and By-laws by the outgoing president demonstrates that an Attorney General is needed immediately."

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Full speed ahead!

The whole theory is make things seem so official that by the time anyone notices what you did, everyone's entrenched.
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