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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Oh, and don't forget

Because we've been rather busy with... uh... other things, locals aren't really paying attention to a Berkeley story that is actually garnering national media attention, as well as the derision of the blogosphere (though the Patriot blog has talked about it). The City Council has put a measure on the ballot asking if voters favor impeachment of the president. Yeah, Bush. Yeah, Berkeley. Apparently, the Berkeley City Council is following the ASUC pattern from a few years back where "referenda" actually meant "opinion surveys." Except these opinion surveys cost us about $10,000 each, according to city manager Phil Kamlarz.

"It seems to me that our society has almost forgotten that we have a constitution," said Couincilmember Laurie Capitelli.

And good thing, too, because our constitution says that impeachment is a United States House of Representatives thing, not a local city council thing.

By the way, if you read that Reuters story, you can see:

A number of local governments across the United States have pressed resolutions urging impeachment, but the Berkeley city council's goal is to be the first to put the issue directly to voters, Mayor Tom Bates said in an interview.

The Daily Cal says:

Several municipalities across the country - including Berkeley - have passed resolutions calling for Bush's impeachment. But the council's vote makes Berkeley the first city to put the issue on the ballot.

Yeah, way to be creative.

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