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Monday, June 05, 2006
New hearing time

For those of you looking forward to watching Ratto v. Vakil, the case has been rescheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Vakil's representative will be Bret Manley, who I didn't know was still around. I believe he's a former SA chair, though I don't know for sure. (Update: Nevermind that. Andy has more)

I wish I could make fun of the news, but I'm not in Berkeley, and the Daily Cal website is doing that "1st in web excellence" thing again. Also, since I'm on vacation, I probably won't be doing much analysis, but here are my predictions for the cases:

Ratto v. Vakil: One censure for each candidate for Vakil's behavior in front of the council. The leniency is because his comments were so idiotic that everyone dismissed them, and thus they had no impact on the decision. It will also conveniently let all major party executive candidates avoid disqualification, though whether this had an impact on the ruling is left up to speculation for a year.

Narodick v. Elections Council: Election Council wins, GA Referendum goes into effect. The constitution is clear on the matter.

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Manly will not be spokesperson. Only registered students can be a spokesperson. He has been notifieid of this and is seeking a replacement. He is on the witness list though, and so will likely be testifying.
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