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Friday, June 23, 2006
More on standing up for yourself

Reruns, but we still need to point out the stupidity:

Berkeley High School English teacher Ingrid Martinez believes employees with Latino surnames were targeted, pointing out that two white teachers she knows attended protests, but were not disciplined.

"This is a strong negative message they're sending about what happens when you stand up for yourself," she said. "And this is Berkeley? I'm shocked... I would love a public apology and acknowledgement that this was not the right way to go about it."

The topic is a threat of a pay cut for those who skipped class without a valid reason in order to join up with immigration protests. The message that sent is that when you stand up for yourself, you suffer the consequences of that, and you accept those consequences because the principle for which you stand is worth it. The message Martinez thinks Berkeley should send is that when you stand up for yourself, everyone immediately yields and you are no longer responsible for your actions. If you want your stances to be meaningful, I would think the former lends a great deal more moral weight to what you do than the latter.

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Beetle, despite several posts re BHS of late, you haven't mentioned something that certainly caught MY eye...the news that Rick Ayers (founder of CAS at BHS) is leaving--and it was revealed in the Daily Planet that he was once a deserter from the Army, a member of the bomb-throwing Weather Underground, on the run from the law, and served jail time. In the article, he pointedly declines to mention what violent actions, if any, he took part in with the radical Weathermen. (Keep in mind that Ayers was often the 'go-to' guy whenever the S.F. Chronicle needed the opinion of a local public schoolteacher on an issue.) In the article, Ayers says he's leaving BHS to pursue his PhD.
Sorry...that was in the June 13th edition of the Planet.
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