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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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Don't expect any SA representatives to file briefs or show up for hearings in front of the Judicial Council for the rest of the summer. Suken Vakil Vishal Gupta said that Student Action no longer considers the hearings legitimate because of the EO from Manny, and since they're going to lose so badly anyway, their only recourse is to try to undermine the legitimacy of the Judicial Council by ignoring it. And they may very well succeed.

Contest! Come up with your own slogans or one-liners for SA. The first comes from some commenter:

"Ever the paternalistic Student Action philosophy: fuck the means, everyone's better off if we're in charge."

"Streamlining the democratic process: DONE!"

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 6/28/2006 12:18:00 AM #
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Chalking only lasts a day, but our executives steal office for a whole year.
Who has the power of the purse in a disputed election when the Senate is not in session?
Student Action: By Any Means Necessary!
Only WE deserve to win.
Beetle, it's actual Vishal Gupta (EVP SA candidate) who is acting on behalf of Suken Vakil, who as far as I know is still out of the country.
Divine Right Theory: DONE!
Studetn Action: Check out the big brains on Brett!
"Actions speak louder than words"

Oh, wait SA knew that when they used that phrase as their slogan a few years ago!!
how about SA: De Puta Madre!
Executive orders speak louder than constitutions?
Executive Odor #5? Eau de diktator!
Student Action's theme song, with apologies to the Stonecutters:

Who controls the students' crown?
Who keeps the Judicial council down?
We do!
We do!

Who writes EO's full of shit?
With hairspray all over it?
We do!
We do!

Who holds back Igor Tregub?
Who makes Suken a big boob?
We do!
We do!

Who robs JC's oversight
Who rigs each election night
We do!
We doooooooooo!
Golfclap for Mike. Wonderful!
My name is Ben Narodick, and I approve of that jingo.
Resolving a constitutional crisis: DONE!
Screwing you is a full time job. Vote Student Action.
Here's another one

"Student Action: Blacks need not apply!"

(man, I'm good at this, any SA people want another campaign staffer AKA crony?)
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