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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Not that there's any point in keeping track, but:

Yvette Felarca and Ronald Cruz each earn BNPs. I voted for neither! Yay!

Yvette mentions "free speech" four times, "due process" twice, and "student democracy" twice, so that's 8 BNPs. Free speech and due process are mentioned with respect to the U.S. constitution. The ASUC is not the federal government. Sorry. There is no such thing as the "student democracy," either, because the ASUC is not any kind of government.

Ronald Cruz mentions that low levels of blacks in Berkeley in general and in the engineering college specifically are "abysmal and unacceptable." I have accepted them. Therefore, they are not unacceptable. One.

UC Berkeley should be the state's trailblazer at achieving a truly integrated and diverse campus, representative of all the people of California. However, UC-Berkeley now has the notoriety of admitting the state's most segregated freshman class.

To the first sentence, I say "Why?" Let some other campus do that. Or better yet, let no campus do that. Two. To the second sentence, I will mention that "segregated" means "separated" or "isolated," which is not Cruz's complaint at all. Three.

When Birgeneau takes office in October, he has an obligation to put forward a plan to address this crisis now.

No, he doesn't. Four.

The nation's highest court, in its landmark Grutter v. Bollinger ruling on June 23, 2003, established affirmative action as the law of the land.

No, it didn't. It established affirmative action as an okay law of the land in certain circumstances, if the state in question feels like it. Our state does not feel like it. Five.

The University of California can no longer pursue its educational mission of serving all Californians and establishing a diverse campus without affirmative action.

Declare that a top priority of the new administration is reversing the drop in underrepresented minority enrollment, and that he will use every measure possible under the law to do this.

Well, saying that it's impossible without affirmative action, and then demanding success by working under the law seems a bit futile. After all, the absence of affirmative action is the law in California.

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