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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Is this guy for realz?

Tom Hipsz, a former coach for Toronto's football team, wants to scare us by saying that incoming chancellor Birgeneau is no fan of athletics. Imagine a large football player huffing and puffing about how important what he does is, even though he doesn't really have any good perspective on it. That's what I imagined when I read the opinion.

If UC Berkeley has decided sports are not important, then Birgeneau is your man.

For the most part, yeah, that's what many of us have decided. Sports are a perk, but the point of the university is education.

At Toronto, he is on record as not wanting "to mimic the U.S. system which offers full scholarships based on athletic, not scholastic merit." How will that go over with your alumni?

That will go over well with the alumni who like education.

Birgeneau was just trying to enforce the 'dumb jock' stereotype by his portrayal of scholarship football players as idiots. How will he feel about your beloved Golden Bear football and basketball teams?

Oh, dude. I'll be honest, the 'dumb jock' stereotype is being reinforced in my mind, too, but mostly because of the writing on this letter, not because of the new chancellor. Our football and basketball teams aren't really all that beloved. Next time, come to Cal before you want to make broad statements about what we do or don't want.

If you want a good laugh, ask him if he has any clue who Jason Kidd, Kyle Boller, Shareef Abdul-Rahim, Tony Gonzalez, Kevin Johnson, Todd Steussie, and Lamond Murray are.

I know who Jason Kidd and Kyle Boller are. That's it. I don't really care. Quick poll: Do you know who these people are?


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