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Monday, June 21, 2004

That's too bad

Go out and grab a newspaper today and read Alex Liu's column. It's too good to be on The Daily Cal's website, so you'll have to read it in person. It's got a valuable message. His homosexuality led to tension with his father.

Of course, those of us who have fathers but are heterosexual may note that heterosexuality also leads to tension with your father. Also, being your father's son will lead to tension with your father, as will his being your father.

There's not much more for a father to tell his son than "suck it up." It doesn't take an uncaring father, or a father in denial, or a father unwilling to deal with his son's true nature to say "suck it up." All it takes is the recognition that the problems are his son's, and so his son is going to have to deal with them. Most problems are best solved with "suck it up." Don't like the way that guy over there is looking at you? You could go over there and start a fight, sure, but it's easier just to suck it up. Yes, gay people have to suck it up just like everyone else. Grow up, dude. We've all got problems.

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