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Nap Time!!!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Wooo! Break Time!

I've been on unofficial break from blogging for some time, so I may as well make it official: I'm on break until I feel otherwise. Some things to think about concerning the future (and what will become the present) while I'm on break:

Will voting machine company stock double?

Will Islamic fundamentalists continue their proud tradition of squandering any sympathy they may receive by cutting off heads?

Will lasso knotting win a place in the Olympics, or will it be defeated once again by slip-knot tying?

These issues and more: Coming your way!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

Oh, the horror

Erik Christensen offers a
spirited defense of Le Chateau co-op, a co-op I am strongly opposed to on the grounds that its name is French. (I actually used to live right next to it and wasn't too bothered by the noise) But this quote is cakeworthy:

What crimes have we committed other than being 20-year-olds and living like college students?

First off, the answer to the question is "underage drinking," which is a crime in this state. But this argument is a very interesting argument, not because of the pathetic logic justifying it, but rather the fact that people consider it a valid argument. "Other college students are assholes, so what right do you have to tell me not to be an asshole?" Oh, in that case, act like an asshole, by all means!

In a related topic, Andrew Adams reminds us "Don't eat mercury." Complaining about how U.S. energy policy leads to increased levels of mercury in the air which leads to mercury in the lungs which is, like, really bad, his column is titled "U.S. Out of My Esophagus." Of course, the esophagus is not the path to the lungs, but rather the path to the stomach, which is why I was expecting a column about food regulation.

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It's my first day

Did I take a vacation? I guess so.

The new Daily Cal editors missed a spot or two. First, read this caption and tell me what 'one' will refer to:

The Secure Bike project offers student indoor spaces to park their bicycles, like the one... pictured above.

If you guessed "An indoor space to park bicycles" like I did, you'd be wrong. Now read the whole caption and the associated picture
here. Apparently, Daily Cal readers must be shown what a bicycle is.

Also, this story on GradAss reports the following detail:

UC Berkeley’s assembly is the only UC graduate student government subordinate to the ASUC.

Well, it's good to know the graduate student governments on other campuses aren't subordinate to Berkeley's mostly-undergraduate government.

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