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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finally, a comedy piece in the Daily Cal, from Audrey Lin:
Last week was International Peace Week...
and I am afraid.
That's because you're a pussy.
So in lieu of International Peace Week, I urge you to recognize the humanity that rests inside all of us.
Because international peace sucks, and we need something better to talk about it, says Lin. No argument here. Still, I don't think humanity really rests inside us, on a hammock strung between two ribs, kicking back and chilling. The idea that we have some inner humanity separate from our existence "within" us is the kind of stupidity you'd expect from someone who writes an article like this.
That all too often in this world, we see others in terms of their apparent roles: I am American. You are Iraqi.
Whoa, whoa... if I were an Iraqi, I think I'd have more important things to read than the Daily Cal.
So in order to really have peace, we must see and understand each other for who we are, not what we are. And to really, truly do this, we must live this understanding.

We must remind ourselves and everyone around us to look beyond the structures and institutions in which we live. To look into the eyes of strangers, regardless of who they appear to be, and to share a mutual understanding of each other, as humans.
Kinky! Or at least, I hope that's a euphemism that requires me to shout out "kinky!" I'd rather not have complete strangers come up to me and stare me in the eyes, seeking an understanding of me. I'll worry about myself, you can worry about yourself, and we're all happy, right? What is any better about some idiotic notion of human unity? Denial of the individual? Denial of desire? Of drive? Of belief? Of pride? Is that really any different than denial of humanity? I think I'll stay human. You can count me out of your hive mind goal.

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