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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Nice call

I could summarize the Daily Cal's coverage in zero words, because there isn't any.

You know, the Daily Cal is the newspaper for the student community. As such, you would expect it to be the most critical of the government of the student community, since that's what the press is supposed to do, according to most journalisty types. Instead, though, the Daily Cal is busy reporting ridership numbers from BART, the regional transit system which is covered by a dozen other papers, some of which are actually meant to cover regional news.

Is the Daily Cal the ASUC's bitch? Find out soon!

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/11/2006 11:52:00 AM #
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Of course Daily CAL is the ASUC's bitch - their juvenile attempt in sophistication, i.e., how to give head, proves who the bitch is where the bitch's mouth is.
Sigh, good ole Daily Cal. Maybe they just haven't heard about this and don't read this blog so someone needs to email them? Don't bother sending an op-ed. They bury them so no one can read them. But they need to run an actual freaking article covering this.

I'm not gonna get involved with this as I may have to appear in front of the senate in the not too distant future groveling for money and office space, and I feel no special need to piss them off at this juncture.
I'm told they were e-mailed before I first posted on the topic. Early afternoon at the latest.
ASUC's bitch or not, they're still a weak paper.

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