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Nap Time!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Meanwhile, locally, we Berkeley folk have some things to vote on.

Measure E has something to do with filling vacancies on the rent board. Whatever. Vote randomly.

Measure F has something to do with something else involving playing fields or something. It looks really boring. Remember to bring a coin to the polling place.

Measure G is one of those advisory propositions, which says "Hey, wouldn't it be nice if we had fewer greenhouse gas emissions?" It doesn't actually do anything, but it asks the city to come up with a plan to do something. We don't actually know what that plan will be, or what it will cost. I'm thinking NO.

Measure H calls for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Yes, the President and Vice President of the United States. No, the city doesn't actually have any power to do such a thing. If you like pointless gesticulating at taxpayer expense, this is a great measure for you! If you like accomplishing things, though, not so much. I think I'll recommend a NO.

Measure I is really unpopular among the progressives, so you can conclude as you will (I conclude that it must be a good idea). The measure allows more condo conversions and such. Essentially, it increases freedom, which is why the progs are so pissed about it. People doing what they please with their property? Terrible! I think I'll side with YES.

measure J is an effort to stop change to the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance. The LPO is the means by which neighbors engage in petty neighborhood fights to prevent their neighbors from improving their houses and such by declaring them landmarks. The East Bay Express noted some of these "landmarks," including a concrete retaining wall. Anyway, since the mayor was trying to make a more fair LPC, where people have more ownership over their own property, people are afraid and are trying to stop him with this measure, even if it gets the city sued (and it might). So vote NO.

Measure A is the usual school tax. You know, the "pay us money, so that we can waste it and then pretend like we tried to educate the children but failed because you didn't give us enough money" measure that shows up every election. I'm a bit sick of it, so I think I'll vote NO.

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Something that's being forgotten in the discussion of Measure G is that many measures to reduce GHG emissions don't *cost* money, they *save* money (both short-term and in the long run). For example, energy efficiency saves money the short-term, and as fossil fuel prices go up, renewables will be less expensive sources of electricity. Or investments in better pedestrian, bike, and public transportation can save households money on a second (or first) car.
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