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Nap Time!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006
And finally

Last, and probably least, are the local elections. I'm not following most of them, which is too bad for those thousands of readers who hang on my every word and are ready to go out and vote for whoever I tell them to. I guess they'll have to draw their own conclusions, for once.

The mayoral race isn't competitive, as far as I can tell. Tom Bates will kick Zelda Bronstein's ass, while Zachary Runningwolf spraypaints on stop signs and Christian Pecaut provides the comic relief. It's like the circus.

District 7 pits Poet-Politician Kriss Worthington against some other guy, uh, George Beier, I guess. Don't be fooled, the choices are actually "Kriss Worthington" and "Not Kriss Worthington." In any case, as far as I know, Worthington will be blowing out Beier come election day, so I won't waste my time. Plus, I think I'm in District 8, now.

Speaking of District 8, here we have a real challenge for me. The choices are Gordon Wozniak, who seems exceptionally capable of talking about things he has no fucking clue about, and Jason Overman, who knows that the best way to argue that the Judicial Council disqualifying the Student Action slate is not something the City Council should interfere with is to compare that with when the Supreme Court intervened in the 2000 election. Negatively. That is, "Hey, don't interfere with this judicial body determining an election, that would be as bad as a judicial body determining an election, and that's really bad!" Also, as a progressive, Jason Overman hates freedom. I dunno. I think I'll stay home from this one.

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